“Bringing people back to the city”. Resovia Residence quarter designed by MWM Architekci studio


On one of the land at Wyspiańskiego Street in Rzeszów, in the vicinity of the city stadium, the designers from MWM Architekci studio have planned a new, compact development quarter – Resovia Residence – a complex of residential buildings of varied height with service and commercial points on the ground floor.

The concept, which was presented few days ago, has become controversial, mainly because the solution introduced by the company is not consistent with the current urban development plan of  Rzeszów City, and the authors of the concept themselves strive for the modification of the plan, justifying that the proposed investment will be more beneficial for this space. There were also doubts about locating residential buildings in such close proximity to the Resovia Stadium. We talk to the author of the project, Maciej Łobos from MWM Architekci studio, about problems with urban planning of the city, development of the space and the idea of the project itself.


read more: https://www.architekturaibiznes.pl/resovia-residence-mwm-architekci,8132.html