• Services

    We provide sustainable solutions that reflect customers’ ambitions and enrich society with friendly space

We provide full package of services related to designing of construction investments, from urban plans, through building and interior designs, to visual identification and graphic designs. Many years of experience and unconventional approach allow us to create solutions of the highest quality, respecting economic conditions and making full use of the real estate’s potential.


Architecture is not only technical ability to design and construct buildings. It is, above all, a method of solving specific problems which modern society has to face. It remains the most basic form of culture which we interact on a daily basis with and the most lasting trace that we leave on earth.

Interior Design

The interiors are natural point of contact between the users and the building. Our interior designs, growing out from the same idea as architecture, form coherent whole with it.

Urban Planning

We design sustainable urban space that creates the framework for human life. We create areas where people meet, with an emphasis on social inclusion, aesthetics, comfort and contact with nature.

Client Consultancy

We use our experience and practical knowledge from the range of architecture, law, spatial planning and construction to support our clients in defining goals, preparing and implementing investments.