Lex Developer for the Sun Park housing estate in Przemyśl


The first resolution based on the “Lex Developer” act already behind us.

Thanks to the great favor and exemplary cooperation with Przemyśl Authorities, employees of the City Hall and due to the favor of our colleagues from Przemyśl MKUA, we were able to obtain the consent for the second stage locations of the Sun Park estate based on special purpose flat construction act commonly referred to as “Lex Developer”.

The act changes the procedures and implementation of both housing and associated investments (from roads and ducting, through schools to recreational facilities). It also introduces changes in location standards for such investments. Its purpose is to facilitate and accelerate the construction of housing.

In the case of the Sun Park estate, thanks to the act, it was possible to correct unfavorable provisions of a local plan, mainly concerning parameters of building intensity and the appearance of buildings.