Loft estate in Rzeszow located on the former Faculty of Art of the University of Rzeszow


The Loft Estate in Rzeszow, coherent and consistently implemented urban complex or suburban  housing development as a target is to be located on the former Faculty of Art of the University of Rzeszow lasted through the 1990s. In the first stage of the project, MWM Architects studio developed a Master Plan covering the conversion of former University structure and new residential housing.

The main target was to create a human-friendly, hierarchically organized space. Hence the architects provided well planned semi-public space (available for all the residents) with squares and green complex as well as semi-private sandlots surrounded by quarters of buildings and private space that is apartments with outdoor seating and balconies.

The architects didn’t forget about the history of this place. Small architecture elements and sections of buildings will become an area of graphic designers, decorators and carver’s creative expression. Building facades will be ornamented with murals, incl. those created on the basis of Janusz Jędrzejczyk works, who is one of the university’s graduates.,85301,24588818,osiedle-loft-rzeszow-na-terenie-dawnego-wydzialu-sztuki-uniwersytetu.html?fbclid=IwAR0seGdOz1uo2CDyFVn5Wt5vxThi82Zz4HRAHeIITZxLYIInRkJgLgEub50