This modern office building is to be built at the corner of Moniuszki, Lisa-Kula and Zygmuntowska streets in Rzeszów


Six floors above ground, multi-stalled garage in the basement. The investor wants to build this impressive private office building on the plot at the corner of Moniuszki, Lisa-Kuli and Zygmuntowska streets.

The building is to stand in place of the current old office building, which together with the parking lot is located between the Żołnierzy Wyklętych roundabout and the bus stop. The office of MWM Architects from Rzeszów is responsible for the project.

– This is one of the most important locations in Rzeszów, which requires unique approach. Both we and the investor from the beginning have been aware that this building located in such place automatically becomes one of the symbols of the city and either a cause for pride or a cause for shame for many years to come. We have worked on the design of the building for many months. Its body is modern reference to nineteenth-century tenement houses, full of glamorous molding – columns, decorated cornices and work pieces. In such space we feel the best. In our design we tried to move away from strict, modernist aesthetic, but using modern means of expression – says Maciej Łobos from MWM Architects.

The office building is to be a complement to the current frontage of Zygmuntowska street, Lisa-Kuli street and Cieplińskiego avenue. Parking for 60 cars has been planned underground. The ground floor is dedicated for services area that the bank, as well as small service premises, e.g. Café will occupy. The lower part of the building has been strongly drew back from the edge of the streets, to create in front of the building space for squares, sidewalks and bike paths.

– We have planned five more floors above, where the top-class office spaces will be located. In total, there will be about 7 thousand square meters of space to rent, although the building itself is not tall – says Maciej Łobos

When the construction will begin? The investor would like to have groundbreaking ceremony  this year. First, however, the final arrangements must be made by the Municipal Road Administration in Rzeszów and the City Hall. The investor has already asked for decisions that he is missing to start work. This should be done at the latest by the end of the holiday


Bartosz Gubernat, Nowiny