An extraordinary building is being developed in Rzeszów. On the roof top of the swimming pool


In Rzeszów an extraordinary residential building designed by MWM Architekci is under construction. Despite the small usable area (4700 square metres), the body of the building is distinguished by an exceptionally complicated structure, and each floor… differs from the other

Hegra, a local developer from Rzeszów, is carrying out an investment in the city which stands out with its unusual shape designed by MWM Architekci. The building, located at 11 Wywrockiego Street, is being developed at the highest point of the site, thus becoming its natural dominant feature, which inspired the architects to shape it like a stepped pyramid.

The designers deliberately combined a complex building form with a uniform white colour scheme. “Decoration” on the facades is based on the play of light and shadow, which is dictated by the rhythm of bay windows and loggias, influencing the changeable perception of the building depending on the place of observation and the time of the day.


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