The lecture “Architecture versus Construction”


The real misfortune (not the only one) of contemporary Poland is generally equated  by the general public the Architecture with the Construction and broadly understood engineering issues. This is why architects are completely mistreated as (under-learned) engineers who, in the course of historical events, have expropriated monopoly on design of cities and buildings, which activities are commonly believed to be carried out (cheaper) by civil engineers of various specialties

This “materialistic paradigm” is the result of a complete lack of awareness of what is the Architecture (and what is the Construction), what its scope of its interest, and how it interlocks and exploits modern engineering capabilities.

The result of this conceptual chaos is that the quality of the architecture of Polish cities continues to stand out from what is being built in developed (and civilized) countries, and their space, rather than becoming more human, becomes less and less friendly and chaotic

It is the time to understand this and start changing it.