• Client Consultancy

    Building realization requires effective management of the process of its designing and implementation

Decisions taken in the initial stages of preparing the investment are crucial to its success. For this reason, at an early stage of this process we are involved as strategic advisors.

We advise private and public clients in defining project objectives, budget and functional assumptions. We help in cost control, contractor selection and supervision of implementation. We use our experience and practical knowledge in the field of architecture, law, spatial planning and construction to provide valuable architectural solutions within the available budget and respecting the public interest.


Analysis and planning

We provide our customers support in the decision-making process. We prepare specialized analyses and reports covering local circumstances, administrative procedures, strategies and potential risks. We help to create the most efficient building, determine the layout of tenants, verify availability of infrastructure and threats.

Presentations and mediation

We are aware that difficulties in finding agreement between interested parties are often the result of poor communication. We offer support during negotiations and arrangements with the authorities and representatives of interested parties. We organize and conduct meetings with the media. We prepare visualizations, miniature models, animations and drawings that illustrate the process of designing and assumptions of investments.


Cost control

The process of building implementation is extremely complex, and the need to control its cost is one of the most important challenges facing the investor. Working with the budget at the planning and designing stage allows quickly react and analyze many different variants and solutions. During construction, the possibilities for making changes are limited and decrease as works progresses. They also have less impact on actual costs and increase the risk of errors occurrence.

The investment costs include not only the construction itself, but also exploitation and servicing of the facility over many years. Our life cycle analysis (LCC – life cycle cost) allow to assess real costs over time and enable to make deliberate business decisions.

Lifetime experience in implementation of large and complex investments allows us to realistically estimate costs.  At every stage of the project’s development, we control its financial assumptions and look for solutions to maintain balance among aesthetics, budget and functionality.

Project management

Implementation of construction project involves engaging many companies and people with different competences. Working in a multidisciplinary team requires effective management that focuses on planning and controlling work, communication, administrative procedures, costs and supervision of the process of making changes.

When working on the project from the first analyses and sketches we are aware of many variables that affect the quality, cost and market value of the investment. We know that building is not just a number, and the idea and functional assumptions have a decisive impact on everyday use and the way people perceive it. As architects, we are aware of wide range of problems related to designing and implementation process.

We act as a main consultant and coordinator of a multi-discipline team consisting of architects, engineers and industry specialists. We make sure that the team focuses on its tasks and effectively pursues the goal.