Genius Loci 2020


The second edition of the Genius Loci Salon of Culture, Science and Business took place in Szklarska Poręba from 27-29 September 2020. “Genius Loci”, whose originator is Konrad Tomaszewski – a sculptor, graphic designer, jeweller, inventor and interior designer, is a space bringing together intellectuals, creators, thinkers, explorers and inventors, as well as public, financiers and business personalities.

The event includes a series of meetings, panels, presentations, concerts and art exhibitions that show the latest achievements of intellectual scientists and artists. Filling the gap expands the meeting space of the Krynica Economic Forum and provides an opportunity for practical presentation and confrontation of new technologies and high-class events of an artistic nature. Genius Loci salon equally promotes contemporary visual artists, scientists, inventors, thinkers, who, through their professional work make a special contribution to the civilization development of the continent.

The event was divided into four blocks with different character and themes of speeches. The third block, as the only one entirely devoted to one subject, was intended to answer the question of what is modern thought in architecture, as well as to show the impact of architecture on improving the quality of existence of individual people and entire populations. In this part of the Salon, the concept of construction development and spatial order was presented by selected, best Polish architects

Genius Loci is – by definition – a meeting of outstanding scientists, creators and intellectuals, giving a unique opportunity to publicly present ideas, solutions and inventions that, without being influenced by fashions, have the chance to enter into the canon of world heritage or exist as autonomous, unique works. All thematic blocks are a forum for the exchange of thoughts, contacts and space for building new relations between European scientific centers.