• Architektura

    Architecture is the most basic form of culture we interact with every day

Architecture is not only a technical ability to design and construct buildings. It is, above all, a method of solving specific problems which modern society has to face. It remains the most basic form of culture which we interact on a daily basis with and the most lasting trace that we leave on earth.

As a deeply humanistic field, primarily dealing with human needs, the architecture is at the heart of our interests and the basis of wide range of provided services.

Being aware of the environment impact behavior and well-being of people allow us create buildings that enrich human life and support creation of strong social bonds.


“The difference between construction and architecture is about the same as between a telephone directory and a book of poetry. Nobody reads books for letters and paper. We reach for them because they are the carrier of feelings and emotions. They carry a message, allowing us to look at our life from a different perspective.”

– Maciej Łobos, architect, co-founder at MWM

Every day we try to break stereotypes about understanding of what architecture is. We create unique buildings that leave a lasting trace in space and which are elements that the local community identifies with.


Our daily work are experiments, creative discussions and seeking solutions for the problems of the modern world. In each project we try to find individual, unique features – something that will make this project unique.