• Urban Planning

    We create areas where people meet, emphasizing social integration, aesthetics and contact with nature

Our goal is to build functional and beautiful spaces that create the right framework for human life. We do our best to make every area we transform a better place and provide residents with satisfying their needs and provide opportunities for proper development.

The quality of the environment in which we are has fundamental importance to our health and well-being. It is responsible for the sense of security and the quality and intensity of social relations.


Urban space is constantly changing and vibrant conglomerate of buildings, streets, public spaces and infrastructure that every day inundates our senses with a flood of stimulus. Consciously conducted design process can ensure that these elements are combined into a coherent whole, subordinated to one goal, which is to provide man with the best possible living conditions in a constantly changing environment.

We deal with building strategies for urban development, infrastructure, landscape architecture and design areas such as squares, streets and parks. Based on analyses of the environment and local conditions, we create development ideas, ensuring variety of experiences, durability and aesthetics.


Dealing with wide range of issues from urban planning to building details allow us to see the city as a single organism, full of interdependence. In our projects, we try to maintain consistency between what happens inside and outside the buildings by creating one, intersecting and vibrant space.